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noble cause foundation missionOur way of life, our form of government, did not just happen. It was conceived out of struggle. Our patriots paid dearly for their convictions. Our form of government is “no free lunch.” Sacrifices have been made from our beginnings to the present day. War and threats of war require great sacrifices, and constant vigilance must prevail if we wish to perpetuate what we treasure.

noble cause foundation missionWe must preserve our legacy both to honor those who have made the supreme sacrifice on our behalf as well as to guard it for ourselves and posterity. It must not be taken for granted.

noble cause foundation missionTo pay tribute to the veterans, our heroes, for the tremendous sacrifices that they made and for which they will never be forgotten.

noble cause foundation mission Our foundation promotes patriotic events, entertains veterans and welcomes our heroes back home. Our main project is to build a memorial wall to honor the more that 3000 US Aviators who lost their lives over the Ploesti Oil Fields in Romania in WWII. To be killed, wounded, or missing in war is not the worst. But to be forgotten, that is the worst.

noble cause foundation missionThe Noble Cause Foundation will continue to remember and honor the service and sacrifice of our greatest generation for all the freedoms we enjoy today.  read more...

The Noble Cause Foundation originated because of a desire to honor our veterans. It began as a seed that was planted over fifteen years ago when we started to collect and restore military vehicles for reenactment of WWII battles. As time went on we found a need to use these vehicles for carrying our veterans to parades, displays and patriotic events. Before long we began to receive numerous requests from both civic and veterans organizations for the use of these vehicles. This endeavor made it possible to increase the exposure of our veterans to the public thus creating more opportunities for them to be recognized for their service and for the sacrifices they made for our freedom. We need more people and more funds to work with us on this. We also want to involve the younger generations so they will appreciate what has been done for them. We want to organize trips so that they can be a part of this and know first hand what happened and where so that history will come alive and they will someday carry the torch.

There was one special battle for the most strategic target during WWII, the oil refineries of Ploesti, Romania. That was one of the costliest and bloodiest in WWII history. I feel especially personal about this battle because I was, as a small boy, an eyewitness and survivor of the Ploesti bombing raids. I was with my father when he pulled some American crewmen out of a downed B-24 Liberator. While I spent time hiding in the woods with the soldiers, they inspired me and that is when the love story started between the United States and me. I had an undying passion to get to this country which I ultimately did when I escaped from the Romanian communists in 1970. I made up my mind that I would never miss a chance to be here for the veterans because they are the embodiment of what our country stands for and they are the protectors of our freedom. They and their families suffered and died for us. Everything about this foundation will be for these veterans.

I have met the veterans who were Prisoners of War in Romania and have heard their stories. Some even knew my dad. Our foundation would like to share the story of this battle and to honor those brave American soldiers who sacrificed their lives for what they have believed in "Freedom".

Cornell Iliescu, Founder

The Ploesti Mission Memorial

The Noble Cause Foundation will be creating a memorial commemorating those brave airmen who gave their lives over the skies of Europe during WWII.

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